A Necron Pylon is a huge, stationary weapon with impressive range and power. It is unsusual in that its Titan-killing Particle Accelerator can target aircraft, making air assault on the Necron army especially difficult for their enemies.


Necron Obelisks are heavily armoured vehicles that have good anti-infantry and anti-armour capability. They can appear anywhere on the board without warning, to cause havoc among enemy ranks.


Necron Pariahs are deadly close combat specialists who will cleave through heavy armour with their War Scythes.

Knight Paladin

An Imperial Knight Paladin excels in engagements, where its Chainsword and Shock Lance will make short work of most targets. It is also armed with a Battlecannon for long range support.

Ordinatus Mars

The Ordinatus Mars is a gigantic mobile weapon platform employed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Its Sonic Disruption Cannon has huge range, and will destroy absolutely anything under multiple blast templates. It has Void Shields for protection, but will almost certainly be a priority target for the enemy.


As its name suggests, the Dominatrix takes no prisoners. Armed with a Bio-Cannon, Bio-Acid, Energy Pulse, and Massive Claws, it strides across the battlefield leaving a trail of destruction. It can command multiple formations to engage the enemy, and being fearless, will never flee.


A Tyranid Carnifex is a terrifying walking tank, with huge Scything Talons that will slice through the heaviest armour. It is fearless, and will never run from a fight.

Fire Warriors

Tau Fire Warriors are excellent marksmen, and their massed Pulse Rifles and Pulse Carbines will cause serious damage to enemy infantry at range. They lack any decent close combat ability, so be careful not to let anyone get close.


Wildboyz are primative even by Ork standards. They have no ranged weapons, instead preferring to run into battle wielding axes and shields.