Warp Spiders

Warp Spiders are extremely versatile assault orientated infantry capable of shredding formations of lower armoured troops before a shot is fired in return. A popular tactic is to emerge from Storm Serpent Webway gates and use their considerable assault range to hit unsupported or unprepared enemy targets.


The Shadowsword super heavy tank is designed for destroying War Engines; a role which it fulfills admirably. Its Titan class Volcano Cannon can vaporise smaller War Engines with one shot.


The Trojan Support Vehicle is an armoured tractor capable of towing heavy guns into position.

Tzeentch Doomwing

Tzeentch Doomwings are frighteningly fast aircraft armed with short ranged Flame Cannons that are excellent for clearing out enemy targets in cover.

Questor Titan

A Questor Titan is well equipped to take down large numbers of enemy units with each volley it fires. Its Castigator Cannons are especially good at cutting through swathes of infantry.


Plaguebearers are disgusting lesser Daemons of Nurgle that are incredibly tough and formidable in close combat.